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This Chef Can Fool You Into Falling for Vegan Tomato Sushi

This Chef Can Fool You Into Falling for Vegan Tomato Sushi

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Chef James Corwell makes sushi with tomatoes cooked sous vide style that looks and feels like sushi-grade tuna

It tastes great, and it’s environmentally friendly. Chef Corwell may be on to something.

Sushi and seafood chefs everywhere are scrambling to get the message out about seafood sustainability, like Jiro (of Jiro Dreams of Sushi fame), warning people not to overfish, to save the quickly dwindling population of Bluefin tuna. However, what if you could make and eat faux sushi without the guilt of negatively impacting the environment?

Chef James Corwell makes realistic faux tuna sushi. The “fish” looks, feels, and has the texture of raw tuna. But his aesthetically appealing sushi rolls are actually made from tomatoes, and cooked sous-vide style (cooked in water in vacuum-tight plastic bags). The process, Corwell noted, turns tomatoes into “faux tuna.” As Corwell says on his website, “go beyond the cucumber roll.”

“I'm not interested in making [plant protein] behave like meat," he told NPR, referencing Tofurkey and other faux meat products. "Tuna has a similar architecture to the proteins we're already working on."

He isn’t the only one working on this type of culinary experiment. Impossible Foods is a company that makes fairly realistic plant-based beef, and a vegan butcher shop has opened in Minneapolis that sells all types of “meat” to the public.


These delicious easy vegan appetizers are what you’ll need for your holiday parties.
The most incredible, healthy, and budget-friendly party food perfect to please a crowd!

Vegan doesn’t mean you’re going to miss out on yummy and delicious meals, not at all! These wholesome vegan appetizers are just fabulous, not only are they packed with flavor, but they’re healthy, easy to make, and budget-friendly.

Sharing delightful and scrumptious food with our family and friends is one of the best things in life. I loooove that!

Have a look at this colorful and tempting list of 50 appetizers, they will look amazing on your table. I’m definitely sure they will make everybody happy.

You’re going to be dipping everything into this creamy, beautiful and vibrant beetroot hummus! It looks stunning, it’s cheap, healthy and it all comes together in 5 minutes!

This tomato flatbread looks so colorful! Just roll out your favorite pizza dough, top with tahini, garlic, and tomatoes, and share with your friends!

Who doesn’t love bruschetta? This simple and bursting with fresh flavor bruschetta will please everyone’s tastes in no time and make the perfect party food!

These cauliflower wings are flavorful, hot, and delicious! Serve with vegan ranch or other dips, they are super yummy and perfect for a party.

This delicious garlicky focaccia couldn’t be easier: it’s NO-MESS, NO-KNEAD, NO-MIXER and is ready in 1 HOUR.
Follow this simple step-by-step recipe.

Impress for less with this super easy and healthy avocado tartare!

These little toasts are topped with scrumptious smoky cannellini beans. They are full of Italian flavors like fresh garlic and a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil so simple, so healthy and so delicious.

This pate’ looks delicious, a rich spreadable bowl of goodness. Serve a big bowl of this with some crusty bread and everyone will dig in.

A ton of flavor for this easy and delicious tomato hummus ready in only 20 minutes.

What not to love about this pea and coconut spread?! They look vibrant and bright, delicious and creamy.

These summer rolls are served with a fresh mango dipping sauce and a creamy peanut butter dipping sauce. The perfect snack or appetizer for the warm months.

These simple bites are a quick and healthy appetizer or snack, and are perfect for parties! Served with a creamy ranch dipping too!

Make the best crispy baked sweet potato fries for your party. They’re nutritious, vegan, and gluten-free.

These vegan cheesy broccoli quinoa bites with sriracha aioli are hearty, flavorful, and totally snack-worthy. They make a crowd-pleasing appetizer and are also a hit with little ones.

This amazing shawarma dip is creamy, fresh, and loaded with goodness. This is a perfect appetizer, a burst of colors and flavors, delicious with pita bread or vegetables.


This recipe will be your new favorite vegan appetizer! One bite of these delicious veggies and you’ll be wondering where have these grilled Brussels sprouts been your entire life.

This beautiful and mouthwatering vegan pizza is crispy, garlicky and topped with cashew mozzarella and plenty of fragrant basil. It’s fresh, crunchy, delightful.

Enjoy the taste of India with these little bite-sized bhajis. They are so spicy, light, and addictively crisp, the perfect vegan appetizer for a party! Ready in 25 minutes.

These little toasts are piled high with the most simple 10 minute artichoke + spinach + chickpea salad and they taste delicious. A healthy and easy recipe, and it makes an irresistible vegan appetizer.

Tender, meaty, and glazed with a garlicky, sweet and salty sauce, who can resist? These meatballs are definitely a crowd-pleaser, whether you have vegans or meat eaters at your table!

These beautiful and flavorsome corn fritters are quick to whip up and make the best vegan appetizers or dinner-party starter. This vegan version is very easy to make and you can use inexpensive canned corn kernels.


Wow, mango salsa, crispy baked tofu, and an irresistible peanut sauce on cabbage leaves. These colorful salad wraps are light and delicious!

This bowl of creamy avocados is blended with fresh cilantro and juicy diced tomatoes is simply delicious. Super easy to make, a vegan appetizer packed with amazing health benefits.

These delicious cauliflower wings are a great vegan alternative to chicken wings, a perfect appetizer to share with your friends! They have a crispy coating with herbs and spices and are endlessly moreish. The shape is perfect for dipping into a creamy and herby dip.

These little bites are mouthwatering, colorful, flavorsome, they will look stunning on your table. The potatoes are roasted to perfection and topped with a creamy mixture of avocado and lime juice. Oh yes, 100% deliciousness!
Vegan, healthy, and inexpensive.

This is another great appetizer for parties! Packed with white beans and mushrooms, these little bites are full of flavors, crispy and satisfying. Healthy, rich in protein and inexpensive, these vegan sausage rolls are mouthwatering.

These onion fritters or pakodas are crispy and addictive, you will never believe are baked in the oven and not fried!
So delicious, packed with flavors and healthy, they make a perfect and inexpensive party food ready in 30 minutes.

This creamy almond cheese spread is loaded with flavor and amazing health benefits.
It looks and tastes so good and it’s great on crackers and as a veggie dip. This is a perfect party appetizer, so easy to make and ready in 10 minutes.

These vibrant orange crispy potatoes are full of flavors and easy to make. You can season them with paprika and garlic and they are perfect for a sharing plate. Inexpensive, easy and packed with excellent health benefits.

This beautiful and protein-packed hummus is made with peas, chickpeas, and lemon for a lighter, sweeter variation of vegan hummus. That lovely pastel color looks stunning on a party table, it tastes delicious and it’s ready 10 minutes.

This scrumptious savoury filling in crunchy phyllo shells makes a fantastic appetizer for your holiday gatherings.
So little, elegant and inviting, these vegan bites are ready in only 20 minutes and they are amazing!

These thin and crispy savory tuiles are cheesy and packed with roasted sunflower seeds and pine nuts. Perfect with salsa or cold dips. If you are looking for crispy chips to enjoy with guacamole or hummus? This is the recipe!

35. FALAFEL by Recipe tin Eats

Delicately spiced with a beautiful fresh herb flavor, these falafels are the perfect balance of flavor, texture and you can’t-stop-eating-them. They look so delicious, just perfect for your party table!

What not to love about these irresistible 10-ingredient eggplant pizzas that are gluten-free and vegan?! Cornmeal and vegan parmesan crusted, baked till crispy, this easy recipe makes a delicious appetizer for a party!

These quesadillas are so easy to prepare and they are made with hummus instead of cheese. They are filled with spinach and olives and they look and taste absolutely delicious!

This Vegan cranberry goat cheese crostini is a super quick and easy 10-minute appetizer that’s bound to please your guests! It’s a great recipe for using up leftover cranberry sauce and they look amazing!

This wholesome appetizer dip is creamy, healthy, and flavorful. Nut free, rich in plant protein, and made with less than 6 ingredients.

These falafel are healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and packed with flavors. So easy to make and delicious: bake all the ingredients and bake!

41. HUMMUS by Recipe Tin Eats

This hummus is made with chickpeas, tahini, lemon, olive oil, and garlic, it’s a great standby pantry dip for your guests and parties! Creamy and smooth, it’s completely incomparable to the thick, sour store-bought hummus. Delicious, healthy, easy, and inexpensive.

These vegan quiche muffins sun-dried tomatoes and spinach are loaded with protein and so much flavour, they are perfect for any occasion, and they look amazing for a party table!

This delicious and healthy snack is made with only 5 ingredients and is a fantastic way to sneak some crispy greens into your appetizers!

These potato tater tots are so easy to make with only 7 ingredients! This recipe makes a great snack as well as an elegant and flavorsome appetizer.

Easy, 10-ingredient sushi with sticky brown rice and vegetables. Hearty, healthy, and delicious this colorful and fresh appetizer looks stunning.

After they’re baked once, the cauliflower florets are tossed in a homemade BBQ sauce and then baked again until they become beautifully browned and slightly crispy. Delicious!

Roasted to perfection, these baked sweet potato wedges make a delicious appetizer served with aioli sauce, and they are so easy to make!

This easy and colorful vegan salsa con queso is an easy warm cheese dip recipe that will disappear as quickly as you make it!

Raw vegan sushi rolls are gluten-free, grain-free, and so easy to make. Perfect for a light and colorful appetizer!

What do you think about this fabulous list of vegan appetizers? Aren’t they perfect for your amazing gatherings?
I can’t stop eating them with my eyes, so delicious and easy to make.

Last but not least, they are clever, inexpensive and healthy. I love that, don’t you? : )

How To Wrap Your Bamboo Sushi Mat For Uramaki – Inside Outside Rolls

We’re going to wrap our sushi mat in plastic wrap/saran wrap. We do this because sushi rice is SUPER sticky and will make a mess on the bamboo mat, yet it comes off easily from the plastic wrap. Basically you’re going to wrap it like you would a present with wrapping paper, tucking in all the sides and the wrap should cling to itself to seal it.

Take a piece of plastic wrap and put it on top of one side of the mat. Flip it over and then tuck in the side and top and bottom so that the back side is totally sealed.

Next, take another piece of plastic wrap and place it over the front side (that has the sides tucked in) and flip it over and tuck in the sides and top and bottom again.

Now your sushi mat is ready to make vegan Uramaki sushi (Inside out) rolls.

Why You Need This Book All your favorite meals made plant-based and faster

From Homestyle Italian to Southern Comfort and American Food Truck, the chapters in this book are foodie-driven and restaurant inspired. With classic favorites like Dynamite Sushi, Spaghetti and 'Meatballs,' Mole Burritos, Texas-Style Chili, and more- You'll be amazed at what you can create in 30 minutes!

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot makes home cooking simpler by eliminating the &ldquowhat&rsquos for dinner?&rdquo question and sending you the pre-measured ingredients you need to put together a wholesome meal. The portions are sometimes a bit off, but altogether you can rely on a home cooked meal that&rsquos likely better than what you could make on your own.
Service: We loved that the directions were easy to follow and included photos. It&rsquos not great, however, if you&rsquore a picky eater&mdashas there&rsquos no à la carte option. You get whatever that week&rsquos menu has planned.
Price: $11.99 per meal (serves 2)
Variety: Incredible. We tried foods and flavors we never thought of putting together before. Meals are globally inspired and often pleasantly spicy.
Meals: VegNews Editorial Assistant Jocelyn Martinez said the Kimchi Quesadilla made her want to keep kimchi on hand at all times.
Insider tip: You get to keep the recipes! Also, allow a good 30&ndash45 minutes to prepare, particularly if you&rsquore a novice in the kitchen.
Overall: Purple Carrot is an excellent option for those looking to master a handful of delicious, nutrient-dense, vegan meals.
Order here.


5. Side Dishes

You can’t have a vegan wedding dinner without veggies. Well, you can but you don’t want miss out on these amazing side dishes that will show your guests how delicious veggies are. Serve these Lemon Tarragon Asparagus, Rosemary Roasted Carrots with Creamy Thyme and Rosemary Sauce, Lemon Sauteed Broccolini, Garlic and Thyme Pan-Seared Mushrooms, Curried Carrots with Pistachio, Early Summer Light Veggie Saute, and Sauteed Spinach in Tomato Fennel Sauce.

Asparagus is emblematic of Spring | image/My Darling Vegan

Along with frolicking lambs and cheery daffodils, fresh asparagus is truly emblematic of the spring season. Traditionally named “Sparrow grass” the slightly acidic and earthy tasting spears go wonderfully with creamy dishes, such as this tofu-based quiche.

8. Swiss Chard Mushroom Enchiladas

Enchiladas are a Mexican classic | image/Making Thyme for Health

Full of iron and vitamin C, Swiss chard adds some bite to this Mexican classic.

Baked Sweet Potato With Pumpkin Seeds and Pesto Pasta

"You can't get a prettier or more nutrient-rich dinner recipe than this baked sweet potato with pesto pasta. Sweet potatoes are truly a vegan's best friend: They're filling, scrumptious, and a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and dietary fiber."

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

These Stuffed Cabbage Rolls are a family favorite Winter or Spring comfort food. I make these on a snowy winter days and they are delicious. This a a perfect meal to celebrate Saint Patricks Day!

Here is a video on how I make them


I head of cabbage (Savoy Cabbage works best)

2 cups of cooked wild/brown rice or Quinoa

2 cups of mushrooms, diced

3 cloves of chopped garlic

1/2 cup of vegetable stock

Thyme, sage, pepper or herbs of your choice


Turn the cabbage upside down and cut out a big chunk of the stem with a sharp knife.

In a large pot with a steaming rack inside, steam the head of cabbage for 5 minutes or more depending on the size of the cabbage (add water to the pot for steaming).

In a large pot with a steaming rack inside, steam the head of cabbage for 5 minutes or more depending on the size of the cabbage (add water to the pot for steaming).

While the cabbage is steaming, sauté the onion, celery, carrots, garlic and mushrooms until softened. If the vegetables start to stick, add a splash of vegetable stock or water to the pan.

Add the rice or quinoa to the veggies along with the herbs and set aside.

Remove the cabbage from the steamer and let it cool and then carefully peel back the leaves.

Take about 3 heaped tablespoons of the rice and veggie mixture and place it in the middle of the cupped cabbage leaf. Roll up each leaf like a burrito tucking in the sides as you go.

Pour the marinara sauce into a large pot or dutch oven and place the cabbage rolls on top. When you have all the rolls in spoon a little more sauce over the cabbage rolls. Heat on the stove top in a covered pot for 10-12 minutes until warmed through. Note that they can also be cooked in the oven (covered) at 350°F for about 20-25 minutes.

I serve these with a little chopped parsley sprinkled on top and extra sauce on the side if needed.

See how I make these on this YouTube video

Vegan Butternut Squash Curry

This creamy vegan butternut squash curry with chickpeas, broccolini, and rice makes a hearty main dish. In September, I was fortunate enough to go to New York City with my husband, and we did what we always do in cities with lots of vegan options: Eat. And we were very lucky this time because Farmacy…

Watch the video: Queen - You Dont Fool Me (May 2022).