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"Oda Rozei" cake

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Countertop preparation:

Mix the yolks well with the sugar until the sugar melts. Melt the chocolate with the milk in the microwave at a low temperature -30 seconds, mix very well, until the chocolate melts and add to the yolks. Mix everything together.

In a separate bowl, mix the egg whites well, until they increase in volume 3 times, for 10 minutes. Gradually add sifted flour and mix carefully from bottom to top. Carefully add the egg whites to the yolk table, mix until you get a fluffy dough.

Wallpaper a square shape with the part of 24-26 cm with butter, at the bottom of which, arrange a sheet of parchment paper, greased with butter. The walls are lined with a little flour. All the dough is carefully poured into the form and baked in the preheated oven at 200C for 40 minutes. After baking, the height of the worktop is about 4-4.5 cm. For this cake I baked 2 countertops, meaning I doubled the ingredients.

After the countertop has cooled in the baking form, remove and place in the freezer. This is done so that it will be easier to divide into thinner countertops. The square top is divided into 2 halves, so that we can assemble the piano body, and then, each half is cut along it in 2 parts. We receive 4 halves of countertops for greasing with cream and forming the cake. But it is not enough, we need 5-6 countertops to form a higher cake. The second countertop after baking, cool, cut into 2 halves and divide one half into 2 equal parts. Some will be greased with cream and used as a base for piano keyboards. The second part will be divided into equal parts of 1.5 cm and form 9 flaps. We will have half a pandispan left, which will not be used for this cake.

Cream preparation:

Condensed milk is mixed with warm butter and a little vanillin. In this case, I did not put the cold cream, because I needed the tops to be greased with a little cream, that is, with a thin layer of cream.

syrup it is prepared as follows: Separately in a bowl pour warm water and raspberry jam or other jam, 2: 1 ratio. Add a little lemon juice and a little alcohol. Grease each countertop with the syrup obtained, then grease it with a thin layer of cream and sprinkle with large crushed walnuts.

The cake is spread with dark chocolate icing. I used dark chocolate for the cake and it tastes very good, but if you want to take pictures, I advise you to use milk chocolate, because it has a lighter color, a softer brown, and the pictures will be more successful. No recipe had so many pictures taken by me, how many pictures I took of this cake and I was unhappy. But it was a big push, for another, serious step that I took. You'll find out soon.

Grease the piano flaps to one side with glaze and allow to dry well. After that, they are arranged on a chocolate pandispan top, without being greased with anything and they stick together. It is decorated with a rose flower placed on the keyboard or on the piano body.


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