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10 Ways to Use Up Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs

10 Ways to Use Up Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs

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Not every hard-boiled egg needs to become egg salad

9 Ways to Use Up Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs

Spring is upon us, which means everyone is stocking up on eggs to boil for Easter baskets and Passover Seder tables. The only trouble that arises is having too much of a good thing — it’s hard to know how to use up all of the hard-boiled egg leftovers. We’re here to help.

Truffle Deviled Eggs

This deviled egg recipe is so easy it can barely be called a recipe. Truffle salt lends the earthy flavor of truffles, but you won’t have to spend a lot of money on this easy passed appetizer.

Egg Salad BLT

The best of both sandwich worlds, this egg salad–BLT mashup will blow your mind with its simplicity.

Chopped Liver

Although it may not sound as tasty as French pâté, chopped livermixed with sautéed onions and hard-boiled eggs is a delicious staple at Passover tables.

Marbled Tea Eggs

Kristie Collado

The secret to these beautiful, lightly spiced hard-boiled eggs is in how you crack the shells, which allows the tea mixture to seep in just along the cracks in the shell and color the egg.

Chicken and Mushroom Ramen

Although this ramen, packed with vegetables like roasted peppers, bok choy, and mushrooms, is light years ahead of what you ate in college, it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to make.

Zippy Egg Salad Dip

Serve this egg salad dip, which boasts the traditional flavoring of deviled eggs without the time it takes to make them, as an easy appetizer for Easter parties.

Pan Bagnat with Eggs, Tuna, and Dill

Aurelie Jouan

This crusty sandwich from the South of France tastes even better when you let it sit for a while so that the olive oil and red wine vinegar seep into the bread. You can use basil instead of dill, or experiment with adding anchovies, red onion, cucumber, or any other ingredients that call to you.

Pink Deviled Eggs

Aurelie Jouan

Un-Deviled Eggs with Fresh Herbs

Un-deviled eggs(hard-boiled eggs with seasoning and a schmear of mayo or Greek yogurt) are perfect for those moments you want to be eating something classier than a hard-boiled egg, but don’t have the time.