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Sendvis car

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We take the loaves and cut them into two equal parts in length.

Grease each half with a cube of melted cheese.

Over the melted cheese we put a slice of turkey breast ham cut in half.

In the second part of the bread we cut a shape (see photo) and put over the part of the bread greased with cheese and ham.

From the ends of the sausage we cut to make the leaders. For the eyes I used coriander seeds and I made my mouth with ketchup.

From the rest of the sausages we cut the rounds and we will use them as wheels.

We will cut the cheese strip into 4 equal parts and use it as the back of the chairs.

In the cut section of bread we place a little salad, cheese, slices of cherry tomatoes and the leader :).

With the help of toothpicks we put the sausage wheels.

Garnish the car with half a slice of large tomato and a number made of carrots.

We make a mixed salad decoration, place the cars and invite the children to the table :)

Good appetite!

Funny sandwiches for the little ones

Funny sandwiches for the little ones
You don't have to prepare a complicated sandwich for the little ones. It is enough to prepare simple sandwiches and as funny as possible to please the little ones. Everyone's imagination can fly free this time. We present you some of the funny sandwiches made with DeSenvis Cheese and we invite you to participate in the “Congratulations! They won!" which has a charitable purpose and aims to support disadvantaged children. The Organizer of the Campaign is the company DELACO DISTRIBUTION S.A.

For every Delaco DeSenviș cheese bought, a disadvantaged child is guaranteed to win a sandwich. So you participate in this campaign.
In addition, if you activate the code on the package, one of the children wins one of the big prizes: DeImbracat, DeJucat, and DeInvatat! By entering the code you will activate different prizes for children, laptop, backpack, notebook, T-shirt, tracksuit, shoes or toys. More details can be found on the website To the “Congratulations! They won!" The campaign takes place between May 23 & # 8211 June 30, 2018. Another interesting sandwich for the little ones would be this Sendvis Masinuta .

Ingredients Funny sandwiches for the little ones

DeSenvis Cheese
black olives
pressed ham, dried salami or whatever you like
slices of white bread or graham
a lot of imagination & # 8230

Preparation Funny sandwiches for the little ones

We do not have a specific recipe for these sandwiches. We simply thought that these sandwiches would be to the liking of the little ones presented. We would have had ideas before, but we will present them on another occasion. The pictures say it all and we are sure that it will not be difficult for you to make such sandwiches together with the little ones.

Slices of bread can be greased to taste with cream cheese, butter, or can be left as shown. All decorations were made from Desenvis cheese and the ingredients presented above.

We invite you to join this Campaign “Congratulations! They won!"

Analyze. Who attacked Russia's military bases in Syria with "swarms" of drones

Russia is throwing charges in all directions in an attempt to decipher who attacked the Khmeimim air base and the Tartus naval base in Syria with improvised drones, guided by GPS devices - in what appears to be the first such coordinated attack in history. .

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It is interesting that no one says anything about the neighbors (Syria) with tichiuta, and who have the necessary technologies to manufacture and operate UAVs! Aren't they the ones most affected by the presence of Russian military bases in their immediate vicinity?

: Well, if you assume that an average population from somewhere is less educated than the average population from you and of course you will say that it requires advanced knowledge to build drones, but still how to minimize today's components and a child 11th grade with grades above 8 in today's Romania in certain subjects can do this if they give a little interest

Come on, you're exaggerating, you really think that a child can make a drone that can carry a military payload of a few kg, and travel hundreds of kilometers. I'm sure you can't do that as an adult.

Putin said he knew exactly who carried out the attack, and that the military plane was crashing into the Mediterranean Sea, which helped coordinate the attack. The group that carried out the ground attack has already taken it in stride.

Strange that some radio-guided aircraft have been called drones. Those things were built by students at the club 15 years ago.

Grill tortilla - perfect brunch

Do not hesitate to fill the tortilla with your favorite ingredients: all combinations are possible!

Vary the pleasure of changing the tortilla: for example, use a corn tortilla.

The cooking time will depend on the power of the grill. Remove the tortilla when fried.

You can try this recipe with buckwheat pancakes, pancakes or even in a sushi version, with cloud seaweed (of course, the filling will be different: raw fish, rice with vinegar. No need to grill them)

Ice cream sandwich

Isn't it great having kids around that help you cook and also get some really cool ideas from cartoons? The idea belongs to my dear daughters, who saw it on Strawberry Shortcake.

Mother's testimony: & # 8220It was scary & # 8221

& # 8220I was told that the sandwich bag was supposed to keep her temperature high, I had never heard of it before. Seeing her there was so scary & # 8211 she was little ”, she also said, according to

The little girl proved to be a fighter. She started to gain weight, which gave her parents and doctors hope that everything would end well.

"I know we have a long way to go, but I pray that every day Orla-May grows big and strong.", my mother also said.

Video: Who Parked Their Car On My Sandwich (July 2022).


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