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Starbucks Plans to Plant 100 Million Trees for the Future of Coffee

Starbucks Plans to Plant 100 Million Trees for the Future of Coffee

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The initiative aims to help counter climate change-induced diseases such coffee rust

The company says the initiative builds on its commitment to helping coffee farmers around the world.

Starbucks is stepping in to help ensure the safety of coffee in the future by pledging to plant 100 million coffee trees by 2025. According to the company, healthy trees will be provided to coffee farmers to replace trees that are impacted by disease from the warming climate.

“We have heard directly from farmers that healthy trees are what they need now, more than ever, so this long-term approach coupled with the right resources directly correlates to the stability of their family as well as the future of coffee,” Cliff Burrows, group president of Global Coffee at Starbucks, said in a statement.

The initiative aligns with the coffee company’s Starbucks One Tree for Every Bag program, which aims to plant a coffee tree for every bag of coffee purchased at participating locations in the United States. Since the program launched in 2015, more than 25 million trees have been donated.

In addition to building on internal sustainability programs, Starbucks is part of a larger industry-wide initiative called The Sustainable Coffee Challenge, which calls for a collective effort to replant 1 billion coffee trees for the coffee industry and the environment. For the challenge, Starbucks joins corporations, governments, NGOs, and research organizations to fight for the future of coffee.

Watch the video: Growing the Future of Coffee, One Tree at a Time (July 2022).


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